10 comments on “Food Review: Dole Banana Dippers

  1. I give them a 2 out of 10.
    I think these are nasty.
    The chocolate to banana ratio is more like 20 to 80 i don’t even understand where you get your ratio from. The banana is thick cut with a thin layer of chocolate around it.
    And to be honest the chocolate isn’t that good. I’ve tasted way better chocolates on popsicles before.
    On the package it says let thaw for 5 minutes, I waited 8 and they were still frozen in the center. I let the other 3 sit for five more minutes, and still frozen in the very center, and they basically had no taste. The banana has no banana taste whatsoever. It tastes like over-processed gunk.

    I would recommend not buying.

    • What would you honestly expect? They are over-processed junk. I’ve never bought a banana that lasted a year or more on the counter or in the freezer so did you honestly think you were eating real food? Try googling what’s really in “natural flavor’s” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that for most of your life you’ve been downing the anal glands from beavers. Do some research and if you insist on not eating “over-processed gunk” then buy the actual ingredients and make it yourself.

      Also, if you wanted more chocolate flavor then why don’t you go out and actually buy chocolate. This product is a pathetic excuse for eating “healthy” as is but don’t complain when it tastes too “healthy”. Sounds more like you were expecting a dark chocolate Hershey bar but got pissed when you realized they tricked you into eating some sort of a “banana” concoction.

      Herp before you derp, Blue.

    • I agree. The Dole Banana Dippers were absolutely awful. My wife didn’t like them either and our granddaughter spit it out. We threw the rest away. I’m surprised Dole would let these get to market.

  2. Well, I like ’em. I like ’em enough that when my local purveyor of such goods quit carrying them, I complained and they’re being restocked. I actually HAVE chocolate but these are an additional treat.

  3. The chocolate covered banana slices are simply delicious. Perfect when you want something sweet that doesn’t ruin your diet. I would highly recommend them!

  4. I think they are awesome. It is a great snack and they have a good flavor. Just the right amount of chocolate and banana. They are a great snack for kids. Not to much, but just enough to satisfy there hunger after school until dinner. Would recommend them to everyone.

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