One comment on “Coke-Babies Classics : What Is and Isn’t Acceptable to Give to Trick or Treaters

  1. Consider my awareness raised. Though, I think would have been successful, given that we had 3 large bags of candy, including Butterfingers and Butterfinger peanut butter cups, Twix bars, M&Ms of different persuasions, and yes, the ubiquitous Snickers (couldn’t help it – they came in the bag.) We put everything in a huge bowl and even added the Halloween rings that came on Safeway’s cupcakes (24 of them – for 2 people!). I did wash them first to get the frosting off. We let the kids take all they wanted. I say we would have been pretty successful, but by the kids I mean the 2 kids who live down the street who were our only trick-or-treaters. Very, very sad. I will try next year, though, to get some of the scary tracts.

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