66 comments on “The Friendly’s Wattamelon Roll Betrayal

  1. I, too, am deeply in love with Wattamelon Rolls. My birthday is at the end of October, and every year we had to hide a Wattamelon Roll at the back of the freezer so I could have my ice cream of choice on my birthday. When I moved to Columbus, OH from Toledo, I was shocked that there were no Friendlies around. There may have been a few trips from Toledo to Columbus involving freezers filled with dry ice. But I had an magic moment this summer when I randomly found Wattamelon Rolls while shopping at the grocery store. I don’t know if you have Giant Eagles in your neck of the woods, but ours carries the Wattamelon Rolls. So far we have only bought 3… but I’m sure I’ll be stashing one in the back of the freezer soon! Good luck!

  2. Hey. I live in Ohio but all of the Friendly’s here closed decades ago. However, I too experienced your same plight and experience last year. But if I can offer some hope, I did see some Friendly’s ice cream cakes in the freezer of a Walmart near me just a week ago. It is too early for watermelon, but I was surprised to see they had a few varieties available. So lets hope this year is another success.

    • Yeah, the Walmarts near me have carried the ice cream cakes for a while. The rolls come and go. Unfortunately, the one roll they decided to carry was the Pumpkin Roll which a) wasn’t very good and b) is apparently selling terribly.

      All the Walmarts near me still have lots of Pumpkin Rolls in their freezers – I might literally have been the only person to buy one. This can’t help our situation, since Walmart will think, “The last roll we got didn’t sell, let’s not sell any others.”

      I got my hopes up in the fall that seeing the Pumpkin Roll might mean they’d carry the Jubilee, which didn’t happen. So I don’t have high hopes for a Wattamelon revival.

    • Thanks for the info. It seems there are no locations even remotely close to me, unfortunately. I Googled their locations, and found some random address in Colorado Springs, and just went by. It wasn’t a location, so I’m not sure why that location information has shown up on numerous sites.

    • Thanks for the feedback and the info.

      Unfortunately, ALDI is refusing to cooperate with me, by building a location here. I emailed them, and they said there are no plans to even build one here, let alone rush the process so it would be finished by this summer and I could go there.

  3. I have found kindred spirits! I bought my wattamelon roll from Martin’s today. any in your area? happy hunting.

  4. Robbposh,
    Give me your email, phone number, and address and I will get you some rolls. We are in Jubilee now but we will be making Wattamelon roll soon. I will make sure you have your fix…

    Where do you shop as we are working with more and more retailers out west now.

    Bob S.
    Retail Sales

    • My name is Brian and I am in Fort Myers, Florida which is part of Southwest Florida . My son and I am always enjoyed wattamelon roll and I am originally from Massachusetts. Sweetbay grocery store is used to carry the watermelon roll but got bought over by Winn Dixie. I have been looking for it ever since but can’t believe that such an excellent product is not stocked in more stores around the country especially considering its uniqueness. Is there anyway you could see if there are any stores on missing or just a way to get them where I am? My son and I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Brian. Another Friendly’s wattamelon roll lover.

  5. This was great to read. If you have no luck try recreating the wattamelon roll, which I have yet to try. I love Friendlys sherberts.
    Good Luck.

    • Erin,

      I actually looked into giving that a try this summer, but it got speed bumped by, well, laziness.

      But really, my biggest issue would be that while there are some good watermelon sherberts out there, they don’t taste quite like Friendly’s. So it would be a pale imitation. But if next year proves fruitless, I think I may try it.

  6. Any chance of finding a wattamelon roll in January? My friends birthday is coming up and she’s mentioned this truly is the best thing ever. I’m even in NY so here’s to hoping for a regional windfall!

    • Holly, Friendly’s only starts production of Wattamelon Rolls in January, and they probably won’t hit shelves until late April / May.

      Maybe a Friendly’s gift certificate? Other than that your only other hope is to find another psycho like me who might have some backup rolls in their ice cream bomb shelter.

      • I’ve had contact with a lot of company reps & employees, but this is definitely the most unique one yet. That is truly awesome.

        I read through the whole patent, and being the intellectual that I am, understood about 30% of it. But I got enough to get what was actually being described / presented, and how it would birth a Wattamelon Roll.

        So thanks a bunch to you, for creating something so interesting.

      • I just wrote the patent, describing & claiming what Jeffrey W. Tarantino invented.

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  8. I love this post. I’m a watermelon roll fanatic (5 in my freezer right now). Has anyone noticed the flavor has changed on about half of them? The watermelon part tastes strange almost like the difference between coke and diet come… That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s driving me crazy!! I noticed the ones that don’t taste so good are a lighter shade of red.

    • I don’t know if i’ve noticed that. But I have had the not-uncommon one that seems like it melted a good bit then re-froze – possibly it’s an offshoot of that occurrence?

  9. Well then….. I just ran to Aldi’s and yes got my 3 wattamelon rolls! Friendly’s is definitely missing the marketing boat. Since my birthday is in July, these awesome tasting melty in your mouth goodness has been a part of my bday celebrations. I moved from Long Island NY to one of the few cities in FL that have a Friendly’s… but alas… moved again and the closest one is 20 miles away… BUT… Aldi’s is about a mile away… Happy days are here again. I doubt nothing can top the wattamelon roll flavor combination, but I’m challenging Friendly’s to have a create a roll competition …. here are my entries…

    1. Coffee chocolate MUDSLIDE roll
    2. Pina colada roll (pineapple sherbet, coconut ice cream
    3. Key Lime Pie roll .. lime sherbet, lemon rind sherbet, graham cracker sprinkles
    4. Salted caramel roll
    5. Cinnamon roll
    6. Chocolate/ candy cane/mint roll

    • That key lime roll idea sounds amazing. Until then, I will have to settle for Edys / Dreyer’s Key Lime frozen yogurt (not as cool).

      Also, Aldi’s has become my official new nemesis. I keep getting suggested to check Aldi’s for a Wattamelon Roll, and Aldi’s won’t come within 500 miles of me.

  10. Hi! I moved to Colorado 5 years ago and have been craving watermelon roll ever since!! My brother recently moved back to Boston and sends pictures all the time of his kids and him eating it. I was wondering about asking King Soopers (Kroger) to start carrying it. When all of the Friendlys shut down in Ohio we got enough people together to submit requests that they started carrying watermelon rolls at one location. I’m in Denver and maybe we can find enough people to submit a request to a specific store. Safeway recently started carrying Friendly’s out here but only the ice cream tubs. No rolls or sundaes :(

    • I’ve contacted Albertson’s & Safeway about this. Them getting the ice cream is at least a nice start. But both companies said they don’t yet have any plans to bring in rolls.

      But if you need someone else to harass (sorry: “contact”) a location into stocking them, let me know.

  11. Omg I’m 8 months pregnant and all I want is that delicious Wattamelon Roll I dream about from my childhood. I live in California (originally from Connecticut) and Friendly’s is so far away. I’ve googled to see if I could get it shipped. Luckily I stumbled upon your blog which saved me hours of searching to get a “no”. Boo. I could try making one but I doubt it will be just as good. I might acutully trade our In and Out Burgers for a Friendly’s right now. Oh and their Reese’s Pieces ice cream cups!!!! It’s been years since I’ve had Friendly’s yet I can still taste it in my memories. Ugh!

    • You can get the Reese’s cups at Safeway and Albertson’s. I was praying for a Wattamelon roll, but they still haven’t shown up. Fingers crossed to at least find watermelon sherbet at some point. Sherbet coolers and cones with chocolate spinkekles were a big part of my summers too!

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  13. I live in Orlando, FL and am searching for the Wattamelon Roll for my daughter’s birthday. The Friendly’s restaurants have closed here, as well. The Wattamelon Roll has been a tradition for many years, my daughter is turning 38. If anyone has any news of where I might be able to purchase it, please respond. Robb, I feel your pain!

  14. I know this is an old post but in my search for answers , I found your blog. I live in Vermont , have a local Friendly’s and cannot find a Wattamelon Roll anywhere!! I’m really starting to panic. I absolutely love them and haven’t been able to find them since last year. I’m praying that they aren’t gone for good. Has anyone heard anything?? I really enjoyed your story by the way and can totally relate.

  15. The Wattamelon Roll has become a birthday tradition for my daughter for about 30 years. Her birthday being in August makes it easy for me to locate them especially in the New York area. this year I bought 2. I was wondering if anyone knows what year Friendly’s introduced the roll. I’m trying to figure out exactly how long we’ve been doing this.

    • Friendly’s Wattamelon Roll
      Patent US4507326 A
      Stratified chromatically distinct sherbet confection
      Publication type Grant
      Application number US 06/508,257
      Publication date 26 Mar 1985
      Filing date 27 Jun 1983
      Priority date 27 Jun 1983
      Fee status Paid
      Inventors Jeffrey W. Tarantino
      Original Assignee Friendly Ice Cream Corporation

      • It was the 1st patent I wrote.
        Christopher Garvey
        Patent Attorney
        Collard & Roe, P.C. *
        1077 Northern Boulevard
        Roslyn, NY 11576
        1 516 365 9802 x 303 ofc.
        1 631 598 0752 home office

        *Formerly of Nolte, Nolte & Hunter founded 1918
        now merged into Collard & Roe, P.C., founded 1966

  16. My husband and I moved from New York to Raleigh, NC 2 years ago and he has been trying to find the Wattamelon Roll ever since! It is so unfortunate because the Food Lion and the Wal-Mart here both carry Friendlys ice cream (even the Dollar Tree carries the small sundaes) but they refuse to carry the Wattamelon Rolls!! Just as you’ve stated, if they were to stock them, they would be a top seller. Instead we are stuck with crap cakes…if only Friendlys took the advice of their consumers they may not have had to close so many of their brick and mortar locations. Hope you folks are listening!!

  17. Was just googling wattamelon roll because this is the first year I haven’t found one for my daughters birthday and I happened upon this post. We live in Ohio and the last friendly’s closed a couple of years ago. My daughters birthday is in May and she has asked for wattamelon roll for about 15 years. I feel bad because this is the first year that I haven’t been able to find one. Usually I can get them at Giant Eagle, but no luck. If anyone out there knows where they are any let me know.

  18. I forgot about this site! Then I tried Twinkies cereal, and immediately thoughts of you and your reviews came flooding back. Twinkies cereal is terrible, and I’ll be looking forward to your review of it.

    • I agree! I just tried Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros Cereal (which is really weird) and needed to know what cokebabies thought of it!

  19. I have never ever ever felt so impassioned by a blog post. I moved from Long Island to Ohio..and it is devastating. I am likely going to drive about an hour towards PA to try and get one this year.

  20. I’ve been searching for one for years. We have the strawberry shortcake ice cream cake here in our Walmart’s in California. No. Stinking. Whattamelon roll. Anyone want to mail me one? Lol

  21. Kroger started selling a Watermelon Sherbet with chocolate chips. It’s a far cry from the real Wattamelon Roll, but it’s as close as I’m going to find on the west coast.
    Looks like I’m not the only one who misses this from my childhood!

    • Thank you for this! Went and got some at Ralph’s today. It’s not the same but I tried to concoct my own with lemon sherbert on the outside and green sprinkles. I know it won’t be the same but I’m excited!

    • We are all in this together, so if that works for you than I am legit happy (that is actually meant in a truly non-sarcastic way). But oh man, I HATED it. When I saw that in the King Soopers freezer, in my head it was an angelic chorus of “Ahhhhhhs” and I almost dropped to my knees in thanks.

      I thought the watermelon flavor was borderline disgusting. Not because it tasted fake (which it did) – I welcome fake. Give me Wattamelon, Laffy Taffy, and myriad other chemically-fueled watermelon flavors all day long. But something about this… no thanks. And I’m obviously not one to fear sugar, but this somehow had like 25% more sugar than an actual Wattamelon Roll? I am almost impressed by Kroger’s Tetris-like ability to fit in sugar molecules.

      Again I want to stress, if this checks anyone’s Wattamelon boxes, then I’m on the sidelines cheering.

      My desperation got to the point where I actually got a cheap ice cream maker, and tried to make something. My first attempt was not amazing. An ice-y and hard texture, but “watermelon and chocolate chips” gave my brain a rush. I will try other recipes, and tweak things as I go along. It won’t be the same, but it can help ease the itching at the base of my brain stem.

  22. um… i live in colorado springs, and i was just on walmart’s website and it says “In stock at Colorado Springs, 1575 Space Center Dr” 5 left…. so… enjoy. (no jubilee rolls though… but I might be too late…)

    • Yup, those same 5 have been in stock for about 7 years now. I’ve checked more than once, because I’m an idiot, but unfortunately it’s just an incorrect listing.

  23. I live in Plymouth,Massachusetts and I just had one of these watermelon rolls for the first time.
    I ate the whole thing in two sittings. This thing has been here all this time and I never had one till now.

    I have one Friendly left in my town and they stock them at my local Stop and Shop. Going to get one now. Simply amazing!!!

  24. It’s only mid-August and many of the stores in the Boston area (Stop and Shop, Roche Brothers) look like they stopped stocking the Wattamelon Role for the season. DAMN! I was hoping to wolf down a few more before the leaves started turning. This is KILLING me!!!!!

  25. It’s been too long since we’ve heard from you! I want to hear your take on Wendy’s Frosty cereal. I miss your silly words on my screen. Shucks, I’d even buy you a box!

  26. I 100,000,000% agree with the Wattamelon Roll obsession!!! And currently can not find any on the shelves in WNY. #heartbroken

  27. I live in NEW ENGLAND and I can not find a WATTAMELON ROLL. It is a tradition that we always get one for our end of summer bash at work and nothing!!! CANT FIND THEM!!! HELP!

    • I read they discontinued them this year!!! I hope it’s what I read was wrong and if you find one can you please mail one to California for me??? I grew up back east and check every summer to see if they have somehow made it to a Walmart shelf near me. I really hope they haven’t discontinued them. I’m still hoping to visit family and find me one!

  28. I know exactly how you feel. I’m depressed since discovering they were discontinued.
    COVID,war,climate change,loss of abortion rights , monkey pox-now this.
    Momentary happiness while eating. PLEASE friendly help the World and bring WATTAMELON ROLL BACK!!!!

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