5 comments on “Soda Review: Mountain Dew Kickstart

    • Hannah – I know I replied on your blog, but I figured leaving this out there, ignored, on my blog would make me look incredibly rude.

      So thanks again!

  1. What age do you this is appropriate? My sonis wanting to try, but with 92gms of caffeine, I don’t think so…he’s thirteen..what do you think?!

    • I don’t know enough to say one way or the other from any position of authority or knowledge. But the caffeine content is similar to other energy drinks, if not slightly lower.

      It’s a 16 ounce can, so if you had a 12 ounce equivalent, like a normal can of soda, it would be 69 mg of caffeine – the same as Pepsi Max, and just slightly more than regular Dew. So the caffeine proportion isn’t as big an issue as the increased size. But if he drank a 20 oz bottle of Dew, Pepsi Max, or many other sodas, he’d be taking in even more caffeine than a Kickstart.

  2. Orangina tastes amazing! I just want to chug the stuff. The orange Kickstart just plain tastes awful. I think legally it should noticeably say near the logo, “naturally and artificially sweetened”. I’m sure there are plenty of people that don’t know what sucralose or sucrose are. I just read Splenda causes diarrhea in rats.

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